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HHH will provide sound doctrine based on the infinite word of God that will edify, build up, reprove, correct and equip the saints. We seek to foster inner growth, healing, and spiritual truth. Our ultimate goal is to be true living representatives of Christ in the earth. We believe in sowing into others and being Kingdom Change Agents. 

HHH Helps Ministry does the following:


  • Feeds The  Homeless

  • Prison Ministry (provide finances for toiletries, fans, food, ect.)

  • Intercession 

  • Certified Spiritual Counseling

  • Provides Shelter Assistance For Women and Children (COMING SOON)

  • Book Publishing Opportunities For Those Needing A Second Chance At Life

If you know someone who is in need please fill out the form at the bottom of the website. If you would like to sow a seed to assist HHH in advancing the Kingdom please click on the donate button: 

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